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HI ya i am paul, if u wanna no about me check out the about page
Right i will update this site every little while
if you have anythink of importance you can email me
like a funny site or somthink like that

27/01/01 site uploaded at last
29/01/01 added a new page and added a download of a sound file
06/02/01 general update and added fav foods on about me
06/04/01 General Update
19/04/01 Added a banner of friends in fav links
i made the banner and animated it :)
sunday 5th august
Whoo no updates in a while !
ah well its the school holidays now so im gonna
update 2day :)

Site Enhancements or new downloads
I have about 5 downloads now
including all the lyrics for slipknot songs
Should add sum stuff on fun bit
over the next few days

Want me to add something ? ask away

Vote ! + How many visits i have had

What do YOU think ?

What do you Think i should do to my site ?

Make a Pictures page
Make a better About me page
add more downloads


MY logo by ..... ME
i made this in psp7 if you want a logo or anythink
email me
Email me

Thanx for visiting